The ways to avoid the product backlog becoming an ever-expanding, messy list of ideas, real priorities, and things in between.

January 2023

How Google's cloud gaming service started, operated, and ended—the economics behind it, and what other product companies can learn from what happened.

December 2022

The five stages of creating and managing platform products the right way: opportunity, conviction, planning, focus, and maintenance.

November 2022

How to kickstart product discovery activities with better alignment across stakeholders, and a smaller risk that we're building the wrong thing.
A new version of its subscription service, 50% of its staff fired, and more than a few ambitious plans. What Twitter is changing, and where it needs to…

October 2022

Why companies might be stuck in the overpromise & underdeliver loop, how to escape it, and ways to set the correct expectations for leadership.

September 2022

Agreeing on what to deliver and by when can be challenging. Revisiting the classic product management concept with a fresh take & real-life examples.

August 2022

No matter if you're onboarding a new team or a new company, there are some steps that could make the process more efficient. A six-step guide to getting…

July 2022

How to structure product teams and the development of functionalities inside one team: basic needs, long-term initiatives, and short-term bets.
Collecting customer feedback shouldn't be a constant, proactive effort. The definition of passive feedback systems, why they're useful, and what tools…
Building something effortless takes a lot of effort. Why not to ship suboptimal products, the hidden cost of complexity, and a way to see whether our…

June 2022

A lot of companies are falling victim to an infinitely growing product backlog. Why is this happening, and what are the ways to change the pattern?